Arduino Adventures Kits

If you have come to this website today you may have noticed that you can not order the Arduino Adventures kit do not worry they are just out of stock at the moment and will be back in stock in a few days sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at


Indiegogo Campaign for more affordable electronics education

Hey Adventurers,

I recently started a campaign to make a $9.00 Arduino Leonardo compatible board it will be the cheapest Arduino compatible board on the market. I want to make electronics education more affordable to better the world.

Please join me as I campaign for more affordable electronics education on indiegogo:


Thank You
Harold Timmis

The Open System is HERE!

Hello Adventurers,

Are you thinking about buying the Arduino Adventures Bundle? Great! Well I am happy to annouce that smARtMAKER’s Open System will now be included in your bundle.

In lieu of the DFRobot Leonardo board you will be receiving (if you order the parts bundle) a smARtCORE U and a smARtHOST Adapter for Arduino.

I also updated the Parts and Bundle section of this website so check it out HERE

Alright we will also have another update shortly thank you for your patients.

Few Things…

Hello Adventurers!

Check out the update made on the parts list / parts bundle page HERE

Also I (that is Harold Timmis) am speaking at a Google IO extended conference in Orlando at University of Central Florida (UCF) from 6:50-7:30 PM on May 15th please come join me as I talk about Arduino, Robotics, Raspberry Pi, etc…


UCF Student Union
4000 Central Florida Blvd
Orlando, FL 32826‎

One more note Jim and I will be making a few updates to this website very shortly that means more Bonus challenges, the second challenge card, and much more thank you for your patients.

Trucks and Tech Event

Hey Adventurers,

I just wanted to share a photo of Harold Timmis speaking at the Trucks and Tech event this past week in Orlando Florida.


This event was a great success! CHeck out the robots that were shown:


This is a robotic arm controller that can control any robotic arm up to 6 degrees of freedom.


This is a hybrid-controlled robot it will receive instructions from a common TV remote, but it will also avoid obstacles in the way of the robot.