Challenge Cards

Challenge 1 Activity Card — click HERE to download the PDF. We recommend printing on cardstock (heavier paper) before cutting out and assembling.

Challenge 2 Activity Card — COMING SOON


15 thoughts on “Challenge Cards

  1. Ian

    Good evening, the book has been out for a while now. Do you have an estimated date for when the printable pdfs and additional bonus challenges supporting the text will be available?

    1. jamesfloydkelly Post author

      FYI — the first Activity Card is 99% complete. We should have it up soon. Apologies for the weekend slipping away before we got it posted, but it had a few issues with print sizing that I believe have been solved. Again, should be posting it within the next 8-12 hours.

  2. ardadventures

    Hello Ian, I have been thinking of a few bonus challenges and I will be posting one of them soon probably within the next week or so for the first challenge. I hope you enjoyed the book.

    1. jamesfloydkelly Post author

      I’m working on it — I’m waiting to get my own version of the kit so I can ensure my dimensions and such are accurate. Should have another one up in the next week or so, then coming a bit faster since I expect to have my kit very shortly.

  3. Andreas

    Thank you very much. We are absolutely thrilled by the book. I am translating it on the fly to german for my daughter (c: BR from us

  4. james floyd kelly

    Hi, Andreas. I wish we had the means to translate this book into as many languages as possible. I guess we’ll see based on sales of the English version. Glad you like it, and I hope your daughter does as well!

  5. Andreas

    She does, Challenge 1 solved yesterday. Big fun! I hope the book is a huge success, so you can have it translated! I certainly expect it to be. I would gladly give you the transcript but I got none, I am directly reading into microphone / digital audio workstation for her to listen to.


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