Parts List / Parts Bundle (updated July 11, 2013)

Hey Adventurers,

I just wanted to tell you that the Arduino Adventurers Bundle with now include a few different components.

The first is the smARtCORE U:

This is an Arduino UNO compatible board so instead of getting a Arduino Leonardo you will be receiving this board.

The last new piece of hardware is the smARHOST Adapter for Arduino:

In order to use this board you attach the smARtCORE U to the smARtHOST Adapter for Arduino. Check out a few of the pictures below and also the video that shows you how to use the Open System created by smARtMAKER:

Picture 3

This is the smARtCORE U

Picture 4

This is the smARtHOST Adapter for Arduino

Picture 5

This picture depicts the smARtCORE U attached to the smARtHOST Adapter for Arduino. Now with these two components connected you have an Arduino UNO compatible board.

This video will show you how to connect your smARtCORE U to your smARtHOST Adapter for Arduino:


Quick update on the Arduino Adventures Parts Bundle…

You may have noticed that your parts bundle came with an Arduino Leonardo instead of an Arduino UNO, which is used throughout “Arduino Adventures: Escape From Gemini Station;” this was not a mistake the only thing that changes is which board you select in the Tools menu.

Tools->Boards->Arduino Leonardo

The Arduino Leonardo that comes with your bundle has a few extra features that we thought would be cool to expand on in the future.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

Also, I want to give a special thanks to R. Derdik for pointing this out.

You can purchase the parts bundle HERE it includes all of the parts necessary to complete the 8 challenges found in “Arduino Adventures: Escape From Gemini Station”


Okay, so you bought the parts bundle awesome! I just wanted to share a few things with you about the current parts bundle for Arduino Adventures Escape From Gemini Station.


The PIR sensor we are using for the bundle has a different pinout, so I am including a picture that shows you how you should connect the PIR sensor from the bundle.

PIR Sensor Hookup for bundle

PIR Sensor Hookup for bundle

Notice that I-6 and I-5 have been flipped around this is because I-5 is now +5V and I-6 in the output to the Arduino’s digital pin 6.


You may notice that there is an IC in the way of the 5-pin-female-stackable-header. the stackable-header will still make contact, and work fine. I have included a picture of this as well.



The potentiometer included in the bundle is in a triangle form rather than in line. Nothing in the schematic should need to change just make sure the +5V and GND pins are in the same location as Challenge 4 lists. (the same goes for Challenge 1 and Challenge 6)



The parts kit will begin shipping on March 25, but we are taking pre-orders right now. We will update you when the kits are shipping. For now, you can order or examine the contents of the kit on this page.


To download the most current Parts List, click the link below.

This document also contains information on new kits that are available that bundle all the necessary parts for one price. If you’d rather not purchase all the electronics parts separately, you can purchase kits that include all information MINUS the Arduino or a kits that also include an Arduino. The parts bundle is now available at or you can use the link below to purchase the Arduino Adventures kit.

 photo arduino-adventures-full-kit_zps9c2bfbf5.jpg

Click HERE to download the latest Parts List.
Click HERE or <a title="bundle for Arduino Adventures" href=";

qid=1362534842&sr=8-3&keywords=arduino+adventures”>HERE for the parts bundle.


11 thoughts on “Parts List / Parts Bundle (updated July 11, 2013)

  1. Robert Whittington

    Hi there. Looking for a supplier that sells the kits…any identified yet? Also the “HERE” text is not hyperlinked. Keep up the great work! We’re looking forward to seeing this effort mature and hopefully it will really “blast off”.

  2. Robert Whittington

    Thank you for the reply, James. …and also a big “thank you” to both you and Harold for this wonderful book. I’m so looking forward to using it to help introduce my children to the world of electronics and engineering. It’s been 31 years since Physics class at WVU, so I know I’ll be learning quite a bit from this effort as well. I’m stationed overseas in Korea, but have an APO AP address, so hopefully your supplier will ship US Priority Mail. Please don’t forget about us out here on Freedom’s Frontier. Kindest Regards. ~Rob

  3. jamesfloydkelly Post author

    I’ll see what we can do, Robert. I’ve got a 5 year old (and a 2 year old) who is starting to show interest in all the strange things in my office… it’ll be a few more years, but I, too, cannot wait to introduce him to this hobby (and maybe even the beginning of a career).



    1. jamesfloydkelly Post author

      WVU, thank you! Very nice of you to do that!

      We’re ironing out the details with a supplier right now about a complete kit, but the Chinese New Year slowed us down just a hair. I know many readers will appreciate the spreadsheet!


  4. wvufan1981

    Hi Jim,

    The final shipment of parts arrived and we’re moving right along with Challenge 1 just completed. Chapter 1 was very well written! The kids (eight and six years old) were both excited and motivated by Cade and Elle’s misadventure in the Microcomputer Hands-on Exhibit room…we’re looking forward to the next installment in the story. I’ve opened up permissions on an Arduino folder in my Google drive. Maybe some other folks will like the stuff we throw in there over time. Here’s the link:



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  7. Brian

    Is there anywhere I can just buy the parts without getting the Arduino Board? I already have the board, but am missing the ICs and some of the other items. I can’t seem to find all the parts in one place.


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