Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Challenge 2

In Challenge 2 you created your own Arduino Flashlight this guide will help you if you are having any issues with creating this device.

1. My LED does not turn on

If your LED is not turning on it could mean that you have connected your LED backwards this happens all the time and should not damage the LED as it is a diode.

2. My button is not working

If your LED is still not turning on it could be due to the push button make sure it is connected correctly (See chapter 7), also make sure you have this code in the setup() structure of your sketch:

digitalWrite(buttonPin, HIGH);

3. I have no power to my Arduino

Make sure your 9V battery is not dead; if the 9V is fine make sure the 9V connector is seated firmly to the 9V.

That should do it for this challenges troubleshooting one last tip make sure all of your wiring is correct.


Troubleshooting Challenge 1

Okay, so you are having some problems getting challenge one to work here are a few pointers that can help you figure out problems you may be having with challenge 1.

1. My Arduino Keeps resetting

This can be a serious issue make sure you connect the potentiometer correctly. Disconnect your Arduino from your computer and check your wiring. See Chapter 3 of “Arduino Adventures: Escape From Gemini Station” for more information

2. The potentiometer is saying 9 when the arrow on the knob is pointed to the bottom right (what should be 0).

Here is how to fix this issue:

Take the potentiometer out of the solderless bread board and rotate it 180 degrees and then put the potentiometer back into the solderless bread board.

Now check the Serial Monitor and the numbers should increment when you turn the knob clockwise.

3. Nothing is showing up on the Serial Monitor.

Make sure the Arduino is connected to your computer. If it is connected to your computer make sure you have the correct COM port selected (Tools->Serial Port).

In the Serial Monitor make sure the baud rate is set to 9600 baud.

Make sure you have Challenge 1’s sketch uploaded to your Arduino.

4. I am getting all 0’s on the Serial Monitor

Power (5V) is not connected to the potentiometer

5. I am getting random numbers on the Serial Monitor

The signal wire coming from analog pin 0 is not connected to the wiper of the potentiometer

6. I am only getting 8’s or 9’s on the Serial Monitor

Ground is not connected to the potentiometer

That is it! If you have any other issues please feel free to comment below.


5 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Guide

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  2. Alex

    Here’s our problem: the flashlight only works when plugged in via USB. The 9V battery does not work when connected (although it has a full charge, and supplies power to the Leonardo’s onboard lights).

    Also, please clarify which pins to use: the Leonardo has two GNDs, and I’m assuming that 6 and 12 correspond to D6 and D12.

    1. Alex

      By the way, for a test, I bypassed the Arduino and hooked up the 9V directly to the breadboard in place of the button circuit; then the light works. So it seems either the Arduino is borked, or I don’t understand something about how to get it power from a battery.


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